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Sydel Corporation is considered a small business by the U.S. Small Business Administration and a former SBA 8(a) SDB certified firm providing expert information technology and accounting consulting, survey management, business process analysis and development of customized software solutions for government and business entities that require unique solutions for existing or emerging challenges.

Sydel Corporation’s consultants have leveraged their cumulative experiences in areas that allow them to confidently provide consulting services based on expertise in key business processes as well as application design.

Sydel is 100% self-funded and has successfully doubled in both revenue and size. With cumulative information technology and accounting work experience that spans over 50 years in a multi-cultural environment, Sydel is professionally staffed to meet the demands of our valued customers.

High performance and reliability

Sydel Corporation clients can expect highly rated system performance and reliability. Our developers build applications on solid architecture and thorough documentation that ensures quality in every software product. Sydel reduces the total cost of ownership by reusing components and deployment techniques that greatly simplify the work. These benefits ensure our clients with a positive return on their investment.

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