All organizations have policies and procedures in place that govern the way tasks get accomplished and how the work “flows” through the company. eFlowXpert provides financial institutions with a business process management (BPM) solution that is user-friendly, flexible and integrated.

By virtue of the rules-based approach taken in the development of all Sydel Corporation applications, eFlowXpert provides a solution that can be rapidly designed and deployed to solve unique workgroup inefficiencies or rolled out enterprise wide to provide organizational automation.

Web-based workflow wizards provide non-technical workers with the ability to rapidly build, deploy and run fully functional routing and approval workflows. Workflow tasks are delivered to where the work is being done or to where the approval is necessary in order to document process steps as they are occurring. Additional rich features exist such as the tracking of events along the path to completion allow for follow-up and analysis by any person (or work group) that participated in the flow or the automatic notification at various levels of management that a new event requires action.

Financial institutions have discovered the eFlowXpert is the ideal application for the improvement and documentation of processes such as:

Our workflow solutions are fully integrated with all other Sydel Corporation products and provide single sign-on and embedded workflow capabilities directly into those products.


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