Centralizing and standardizing loan covenants and documentation can help save money, reduce exposure and improve the quality of your loan portfolio. With LoanXpert, financial institutions have a state-of-the-art tool to reduce the number of exceptions, minimize loan loss risk and decrease client servicing costs.

LoanXpert provides a flexible framework to securely monitor document, policy, compliance and exception management across lines of business using a proprietary workflow engine developed by Sydel Corporation. By automating the administrative and relationship management aspects of loan portfolio management, the financial institution has a centralized database allowing for the:

  • Loan pre-approval workflow including over fifteen steps to handle every step of the approval
  • Entry and/or upload of loan details, covenants and loan administration items
  • Risk Rating of loans using uniform criteria provided by regulatory agencies
  • Development of customizable letter templates to send to borrowers and guarantors outlining their documentation responsibility
  • Notifications to Account Officer that covenants or documents should be reviewed via workflow processes, followed by approval from management and the credit risk department
  • Documentation of covenant or document receipt by account officer and upload of images
  • Loan maturity notifications for renewal or closing out of loans
  • User-defined Concentration Analysis including both summary and drilldown detail


  • Document loans through their life cycle
  • Automatic alerts
  • Automated alerts and reports
  • Multi-step loan approval workflow
  • Risk rate loans
  • Loan concentration reporting

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