PayXpert is a global payment application designed to help financial institutions centralize and streamline their payment processes, while integrating seamlessly with core processing applications.

The underlying goal is to establish an easy-to-use, secure wire transfer platform, with real time interaction to better protect all stakeholders from the bank to the consumer.  How is this accomplished?  By linking to cash management systems such as the Federal Reserve or S.W.I.F.T. and automating the entire process through the core banking system.

Among the features available, the following is included in the paying and receiving application:

  • Sends/receives and repairs wire transfers
  • Verifies OFAC and other watch lists for name matches on all parties
  • Automatically verifies balances to ensure funds availability
  • Transaction posting automation to accounts providing full disclosure on customer statements
  • Customized template creation


  • Accurate, timely payment processing
  • Online real-time balancing before posting
  • Workflow and inquiry function
  • Access to detailed wire transfer data

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