Consolidating your port operations database can help save money, reduce exposure and improve the quality of data for all departments within your maritime organization.

PortXpert provides a truly flexible framework to securely monitor port agreements and ensure compliance with FCPA requirements.

By automating the administrative and relationship management aspects of port operations management, the institution has a centralized database to access and instant return on investment.

At your fingertips you will find:

  • Port details including berths, simulations, images and relationships
  • Port related airports, hotels emergency contacts and internal contacts
  • Risk Rating of countries using FCPA standards for country risk
  • Manage vendors contacts and agreements including port agents, transfer companies, stevedores, ground handlers, tour companies, among others.
  • Automate notifications for ports and agreements
  • Port financial statements in a dashboard view
  • Deployment schedule for port berth/terminal itinerary management


  • Made for shipboard personnel
  • Port and port berth/terminal database
  • 360 degree map view of vetted ports
  • Agreement incentive/penalty alerts
  • Incident tracking
  • Simulations, bathymetrics & images

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