PortXpert Available at Apple App Store Puts Every Port (and Airport) at Your Fingertips

CORAL GABLES – April 16, 2013 – Available today, the app PortXpert offers port operations professionals, logistics managers, ship captains and their crews, private pilots and even travelers with valuable information on ports and airports around the world.  The easy-to-use app provides the flexibility to change travel plans, while they are still underway.

PortXpert is the first-ever app to bring together this type of decision-making power, and put it into the palm of your hand.  Besides contact information for the local port authority, this solution provides several areas of dependable information, among them:

  • harbor characteristics
  • entrance restrictions
  • water depth
  • tugs
  • quarantines
  • directions and maps to closest airports

“PortXpert allows for real-time travel management. You have all of the options necessary to make informed, cost-effective decisions for your trips as they unfold,” said Carlos Perea, a chief architect of the application and co-founder of Sydel Corporation. “This app can be especially important in an unexpected situation – whether it be severe weather that forces you to dock in an unfamiliar port, or an emergency that requires you to find the closest local airport. PortXpert gives you a simple tool to take immediate action and get in touch with critical contacts, including police, fire, ambulances and the local U.S. embassy.”

PortXpert is now available for $0.99 at the Apple App Store.  An expanded version of PortXpert, with bonus features is available by contacting sales@sydel.com

Since 1998 Sydel Corporation has been providing information technology, accounting consulting and business process analysis to the travel industry. www.sydel.com.

If you would like further information on PortXpert, or would like to schedule an interview, please contact Antonio Gonzalez at agonzalez@sydel.com.

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