Successful Implementation of FormXpert

Sydel Corporation is very pleased to announce that The International Bank of Miami in Coral Gables, Florida has gone live with FormXpert. With the implementation of this tool, the financial institution expects to manage forms such as the IRS mandated W-8 by proactively tracking expirations by customer or account and determining the best time to send out renewals. FormXpert is a cost-effective tool used to control documentation requirements by bar-coding, sending, receiving, scanning and validating business forms prior to storing them and updating the core system document inventory.

Sydel Corporation is moving financial institutions with its Dynamic Xpert Solutions including ReconXpert, which streamlines the reconciliation of accounting transactions to original data sources, CompliXpert, a full-featured compliance and AML transaction monitoring system that also allows financial institutions to track beneficiary/originator relationships, customer call reports and documentation, and eFlowXpert a workflow tool that integrated with all Xpert solutions. All Sydel systems are Web-based and designed to help financial institutions navigate the challenging and changing regulatory environment in which they operate.

For more information on FormXpert or Sydel Corporation’s other product offerings, please visit or contact us at (305) 569-0400.

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