Sydel Launches Sophisticated ReconXpert to Make Daily Reconciliations Quick & Easy

Sydel Corporation today announced the launch of its ground-breaking ReconXpert™ software for financial institutions. ReconXpert streamlines the reconciliation of accounting transactions with the Federal Reserve and other crucial reconciliations by merging data from different sources into a comprehensive repository. The program eliminates the need for burdensome manual processing, while increasing data integrity and overall operational efficiency.

ReconXpert includes three basic modules that can be adapted to meet an individual financial institution’s needs. They are the Administration, Reconciliation and Investigations modules, all browser-based applications that allow for multiple reconciliations based on predefined business rules, sequencing and tracking of open items and various useful searches and management reports.

“ReconXpert is designed to help financial institution operations personnel generate fast, accurate information they can employ in making their operations smoother and timelier,” said Antonio Gonzalez, Director, Sydel Corporation. “In addition to having information readily available for critical operations decisions, the program can also help reduce the fixed labor costs associated with having dedicated staff to reconcile the general ledger with multiple external sources every day.”

Sydel Corporation is moving financial institutions with its Dynamic Xpert Solutions including ReconXpert™, which streamlines the reconciliation of accounting transactions to original data sources, CompliXpert™, a full-featured compliance and AML transaction monitoring system that also allows financial institutions to track beneficiary/originator relationships, customer call reports and documentation, and eFlowXpert™ a workflow tool that integrated with all Xpert solutions. All Sydel systems are based on the latest Web-based technologies and designed to help financial institutions navigate the challenging and changing regulatory environment in which they operate.

For more information on ReconXpert or Sydel Corporation’s other product offerings, please visit or contact us at (305) 569-0400.

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