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Travel Industry Empowered

Three Powerful Technologies.
Sydel Corporation has developed three powerful technologies based on the challenges the travel industry faces today. CC Payments which allows the travel provider to keep payment processing costs low and maintain fraud protection, eTravelXpert which is a travel management workflow application that assists in the booking and approval of domestic and international flights, car rentals and hotel reservations, and ReconXpert which is a reconciliation tool that ensures accurate accounting, compliance and management overview.

Payment processing made simple.
CC Payments helps keep processing costs extremely low while utilizing the fraud protection and compliance features available by utilizing the PayPal Pro platform. Credit card transactions are processed directly from their billing tables and reports accept/decline results within seconds.

Key Features:

  • Processes credit card payments
  • Protects from fraud
  • Ensures compliance
  • Reviews exceptions and re-submits
  • Interfaces with back office accounting
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